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There are tons of simple ways homeowners can decorate their homes on their own for a sale. They can eliminate clutter, repaint walls, ceilings and other surfaces, add fresh flowers and so on. So you may ask, why even hire a home stager?

For one, a lot of homeowners are uncertain of what paint colors to use or where to put the clutter. Indeed, selling a home could be nothing short of overwhelming. They generally lack real estate knowledge regarding their local markets and the way homes within their price range must look.

On the other hand, a home staging is able to look at a home with a fresh pair of eyes as well as from the perspective of a hypercritical buyer. If you're contemplating selling your home and considering hiring a professional home stager, the following may just convince you that you're on the right track:

1. A home stager knows just what to do to build the right environment quickly and at the lowest possible cost.

2. A home stager has expert knowledge as to what homes in various price ranges look like and what makes them easier to sell. They will give you suggestions that your real estate agent may hesitate to offer because of the fear of losing the listing.

3. A home stager has no emotional connection to any of your belongings so they can make more objective decisions as to which should go or remain. Based on their expert vision, they can propose the best ways to move things around as necessary, such as any existing furniture you have, art and any accessories.

4. A home stager can readily pick new tiles, paint colors, finishes or any other part of your home that could use a facelift. And they also have contacts with painters, tile installers, off-site storage facilities and other people or services that might be needed. Discover more ideas here at

5. A home stager can quickly bring in new furniture, paintings and other decors that could fit your target better than what you currently have, or if your home is bare.

Property staging is hardly exclusive to the filthy rich. Even for a humble property, staging can have a considerable impact on its selling price and on the number of days it stays on the market. For instance, a home that has been for sale for months with the highest offer being $200,000 can easily be sold for at least $10,000 more with just around $400 worth of rearranged furniture, organized stuff and the entire house all cleaned up. Remember that people, home buyers included, are highly visual beings. That's why we say first impressions last, and most of this first impression is without a doubt visual.

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